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How To: Decorate Using Your Wardrobe

Clothing racks serve an important role behind the scenes of television sets to help plan outfits for whoever is in front of the camera! You can use this technique in your own space. Relieve the clutter from your closet AND add statement to a room with these simple steps. Decorate a bedroom or studio apartment with your wardrobe!

STEP ONE: Take everything out of your closet.

This may be one of the hardest but most satisfying steps. Once you have all your clothes spread out in front of you the next step will be completed with ease. The fun part is that you now have an excuse for why there are clothes all over the floor. You’ll thank me later.

STEP TWO: Organize & categorize.

Fabrics? Awesome. Bright colours? Even better. Bold patterns? Perfect! Each wardrobe is different so organize and categorize in ways that make sense for what’s been hanging in your closet. I like to start with clothing I know I’ll never wear again – these go in the donation pile! There are a ton of local thrift stores to donate to but if you want to make some money from giving away your items check out Plato’s Closet. Who knows, this may even give you a chance to wear the dress you found in the back that still has a price tag!

STEP THREE: Get a clothing rack.

Whether it’s homemade, thrifted, or brand new – clothing racks can be super helpful with displaying your BEST pieces without the mess, despite popular belief! There are so many styles at price points that will work just for you. BUT – before choosing the clothing rack, find a place to put the rack for sizing purposes and consider how much clothing you would want to hang i.e. tightly or loosely packed. Do your research. If you’re not the crafty type you can find a clothing rack from IKEA for as low as $17. You’re welcome. 

STEP FOUR: Hangers. Felt hangers.

The holy grail of all hangers…FELT - soft to the touch and your clothing will stay put while being displayed. Here’s an example of where to find ‘em, *insert angels singing and a spot light*, Bed Bath and Beyond. They come in different colours and trust me, once you go felt you’ll never go back to plastic. If you’re happy with any hangers you have at home than just skip this step.

STEP FIVE: Pick the pieces that suit your needs.

If you completed step two than you’re already half way done step five! You’ve categorized and organized based on your needs and that’s the beauty of your clothing rack – the opportunities are endless. If there are pieces in your closet that you’ve always wanted to showcase but don’t plan on wearing, this is the perfect way. Or, plan out a week’s worth of outfits if you’re that type of person who frantically looks for outfits in the morning. Definitely me. 

STEP SIX: Hang up and display.

The last and most important step – hang ‘em up, girl! This is when you can really play around with the pieces you’ve chosen. Enjoy the view!


--- Check the weather before planning a week’s worth of outfits.

--- Find your inner DIY warrior when possible, you got this.

--- Shoes? Display those too following the exact steps above (minus the hangers).

Lights! Camera! Action! Your wardrobe has transformed into perfect décor for that empty space while organizing your life with planned outfits. You can now be the star of your own show!

This is the beauty of having space; the ability to transform a space into YOUR space.


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