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Honeychurch Lane – Refinished furniture, workshops & more! (Elora, ON)

"chateau chic, vintage finds, antiques and upcycled furniture..."

Above is Sarah, the genius behind Honeychurch Lane in Elora, Ontario. This boutique came from her love of the cultural and artistic qualities of the area as well as the beauty of the Grand River. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, Sarah spent 13 years working in the film industry. Despite her success, she pursued her lifelong dream in October of 2014. Sarah now spends her free time looking for furniture or chandeliers which need some love and care.

Stop by Honeychurch Lane - you won't be disappointed! 

<source: Honeychurch Lane>

Get Social with Honeychurch Lane! 

Want to learn about painting furniture? This is the place!

How can I describe Sarah's workshops... informative, fun, and FOOD! 

That's right. Food was provided and it was absolutely delicious!  I want to share my experience at this fabulous workshop as well as what to expect if you're looking into furniture refinishing as an artsy pastime. This is perfect if you're a beginner or if a canvas is starting to get a little boring.

Furniture can now be your canvas! 


In addition to the (very) comfortable clothing you should wear, Sarah will provide an apron for you! But before you show up to Honeychurch Lane there's a couple things to add on your checklist...

  1. Find the piece of furniture you want to refinish. Have a general idea of what piece of furniture you want to refinish. Sarah suggests a small piece of furniture for the purpose of the workshop because there's less drying time and it will be easier to paint for your first time. As you will see below, I chose to paint a stool and it has been a great addition to my little bedroom! 
  2. Purchase your paint. This can be done when you arrive to Honeychurch Lane or beforehand! I would suggest taking a look at your colour and paint options before you arrive for the workshop because the choices are endless. The stored that sell Fusion Paint will usually have samples available in the form of dipped popsicle sticks. Cute! 
  3. Sand your furniture. This is crucial as a timesaver and having a smooth surface to paint! Sanding will remove any existing paint and rough surfaces that wouldn't look good if painted.

Nervous? Don't be! Sarah will answer all your questions and guide you along the way. 

Lunch break!

Local is key at Honeychurch Lane from furniture... to food! Sandwiches were provided by Elora Bread Trading Co. just a few stores down.

Vegetarian? Don't fret! In my lap was a yummy vegetarian sandwich with olives on the side. 

Too pretty to eat! (...but I did anyway)

Paint brushes can also be purchased at Honeychurch Lane!

After using the paint and brushes at the workshop, take them home and keep on refinishing. Once you get the hang of the process you should challenge yourself and find large furniture. 

Make this hobby a business! Money from something that was supposed to be an artsy pastime? Sounds awesome! 


Check out this before and after of my refinished stool...

Before - aggressively sanded and needed love! 

After - loved and appreciated! (The stencil was totally a last minute decision... and it worked!)

Hope you enjoyed! Remember to contact Sarah at Honeychurch Lane if you're interested in learning more about refinishing furniture and let her know NICOLETTE SENT YOU! 🙂 

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