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How Austin Powers Ruined My Childhood

I know what you're thinking. How can one movie ruin your entire childhood? Maybe saying Austin Powers ruined my childhood is a bit dramatic - but this movie did give fellow classmates inspiration for ways to bully little Nicolette. Keep on reading to find out how.

Let's begin with my first day of school. Here I am, ready to start my first day of kindergarten - not knowing how much of an impact school would make later on in life. No one judged, no names were called, what you wore didn't matter. Our priorities consisted of sharing Play-Doh and knowing the alphabet. Children absorb so much so quickly at this age from their surroundings, including what they saw on television. Fortunately for me, Austin Powers Goldmember wasn't released until July of 2002 so I had a good couple years of peace and quiet.


Hey parents out there, was this the age that your kid would say or do something and you couldn't figure out where they learned it from? If so, share some examples in the comments below or through social media!

Fast forward to Grade 2 - it seemed like everyone watched Austin Powers Goldmember over the summer. How could I tell? "Moley, moley, moley" was thrown in my face every other day until the end of Elementary School which ended at Grade 6. I had the odd friend here and there who would defend me but they would either move away or join the rest of my classmates to fit in. I had shit luck with friends. I guess this is when my disappointment (I really mean hatred) towards humanity truly began! Ha! I can hear my Mom now..."Hate is a strong word, Nic. Use dislike."


I went into middle school with no friends - and this isn't an over exaggeration. I felt a slight sense of familiarity towards being alone because I was always an independent child, but this was different. As I sat alone during lunch and recess for the first week of Grade 7, I quickly assumed it was my fault that no one accepted me.

Luckily I made a close friend within the first month of Grade 7, however, this didn't mean I was completely protected from being bullied. One day this friend was absent from school which meant I was an open target. Lunch was spent alone until a female classmate along with ~10 bystanders surrounded me on the school field. Her words felt like punches hitting me repeatedly in the stomach - how could these kids stand there and watch as I had every "flaw" thrown at me? The main "flaw" she focussed on were my beauty marks.


I got consistently bullied by girls until I began to find my voice in Grade 11 and throughout University my voice became even stronger. In my 3rd year of University, I came up with Love Your Beauty Marks. LYBM is an example of how a negative can be turned into a positive. If I didn't experience bullying towards my beauty marks than LYBM definitely wouldn't exist. I created this community to not only aid my own journey towards self-love but to encourage others as well.


Love Your Beauty Marks strives to raise acceptance and health awareness towards the moles, freckles, and marks you were born with and have carried with you throughout your life.

Join the community by following us on social media and using hashtags such as:
#LYBM #LoveYourBeautyMarks #SelfLove #SelfAcceptance #BodyPositivity #AntiBullying 
#Moles #Freckles #BirthMarks #StretchMarks #Scars #Acne

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